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Furniture Renovation

Despite the flood of cheap imported leather furniture being sold today, we find we are constantly being asked by owners of older suites for quotations of restoring or recovering. They have been out & looked for a suitable suite & realize they already have something better made then anything they can replace it with. They may have a sentimental attachment where the children have grown up with the suite or it fits in the room perfectly or just redecorated & the suite now looks tatty. We will tell you honestly whether it can be restored or is worth restoring.

We also handle a lot of home insurance repairs & renovations from everything from paint spills, fire damage, cig burns, biro & ink damage, rips & tears, broken frames, nail polish/remover & "plug-in" freshener spills. If we cannot match the leather or repair the damage cosmetically, we will attempt to order & fit parts (when available) from the original factory/retailer wherever in the World. There are also quite a lot of calls from people who ordered corner groups without measuring first asking if we can alter it in some way. We do not like to be beaten with a challenge!

When we worked for the Connolly Leather Renovation Department in London, we handled many maintenance services for such contracts as the House of Lords, House of Commons, The Dorchester, The Hilton, The Sheraton Park Tower Hotel, the offices at the Ministry of Defense, the theaters along the South Bank (such as The Barbican, QE2 Conference Centre), The British Museum, The QE2 liner, the Old Bailey & many other large offices & banks in the city. They realized that by with regular professional care, they could prolong the life of their leather upholstery.

Our "Refinishing Service" is a great way to extend the life of your worn leather furniture. However, there are tanning processes used on domestic furniture leathers which cannot be reworked, so we do like view the furniture to confirm this & whether the leather is sound enough to be refinished. As we have to uplift the suite to our workshop, obviously, this means we have to limit this service to local areas such as Cheshire, Merseyside & Lancashire. We have leather loan furniture whilst your furniture is away for the 3/5 working days. We can usually match & replace most excessively worn or damaged panels from our extensive available leather library. We can also renew or repack existing interiors or carry out frame & structural repairs.



Assuming your furniture does not require any additional repairs, a guide to the cost to simply refinish your leather suite is around £100 + VAT per seating position. (For example, 3str sofa £300 + VAT, chair £100 + VAT etc.) Contact us for a more detailed quotation or email a picture.


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Prices starting from around £100 + VAT per seating position View more of our work